We strive to make a difference, sourcing various energy saving options and resources.
SABA CONSTRUCTIONS acknowledges how important it is to sustain our natural environment and reduce the the Carbon footprint. Thats why we strive to make a difference, exhausting and evaluating various energy saving options and resources.

Saba’s passion for the industry rubbing off on his five sons who now each as the world battles to reduce its Carbon footprint, we can all make a difference by simply switching to energy saving globes.

SABACON however is taking a more technical approach, we are familiarizing ourselves with various innovations in the field of water saving and Carbon reduction. Many modern councils are not only making it mandatory for rainwater tanks, but highly recommending that power saving systems be integrated into the buildings infrastructure. Some of these are listed below, and all of which we are familiar with;

  • Rainwater harvesting for irrigation
  • Rainwater for flushing purposes
  • Grid feed solar panel systems
  • Conventional solar heating for pools etc
  • Off-peak timing for hot water systems

Implementation of such systems not only makes our building “greener” but also reduces maintenance costs and save money for owners corporations. This is proven through our management division.