SABA CONSTRUCTIONS is a family owned and operated business, established in the early 80′s.
SABA CONSTRUCTIONS is a family owned and operated business founded in the early 80’s by master builder Saba Bazouni. Originally a carpentry and form working business, SABACON used these skills to evolve into a very reputable player in the residential and commercial construction industry.

Saba’s passion for the industry rubbing off on his five sons who now each bring added expertise to the table; these include architecture, civil/structural engineering, building engineering, electrical engineering and real estate (strata management). This brings the multi-disciplinary advantage to each project we are involved in.

As well as a passion for the industry, Saba has instilled something even more critical into the Bazouni families’ business approach, and that is honesty and integrity towards proper business ethic.

If we cannot deliver a project on time, on budget and achieve total client satisfaction, we will not take it on in the first place…

“If you run the risk of damaging your reputation, you’re gambling with something more valuable than money.”

- Saba Bazouni



At SABACON we pride ourselves with our workmanship; our passion for what we do is reflected in ach and every project we are involved in. All our employees and sub-contractors are employed on the basis that they also possess this quality.

“We believe that peace of mind is more important than price and we select our contractors carefully based upon this belief.”

From start to finish a stringent quality is adhered to that not only ensures a high standard of finish but enables the project to be completed ahead of time.

We offer our clients references from respected industry professionals we have been dealing with for many years.


Safety at all our sites is considered paramount, we are constantly striving to make the workplace safer for subcontractors and employees. All employees of SABACON are constantly attending workcover training seminars, this ensures that we are always up-to-date with the latest regulations.

It is a requirement that anyone who enters a site in NSW is site inducted, and all sub-contractors provide all necessary data before they are permitted to work.

Work safety data sheets and general safety requirements are a common and daily practice at SABACON, these regulations we are proud of, and are in force for the well-being of all. This is reflected in our perefect safety record.

“After all, we work so we can live.”