We are happy to provide references from developers and unit owners.

At SABACON we pride ourselves with our workmanship; our passion SABACON recognizes that the design stage is the most important part of any development.

We use our multi-disciplinary approach to our advantage, and each project ignites inter-office collaboration resulting in impressive results every time.

“Everyone has a say, architects, engineers even the strata managers, after all, they’re the ones who will be managing the project after we’ve built it.”

- Saba Bazouni


SABACON has been involved in a broad field of projects over the years, these include retail, commercial, education and last but definitely not least, residential.

Some of the project delivery systems we offer our clients includes:

  • Fixed price contracts
  • Cost plus
  • Construction management agreements
  • Design and construct contracts
  • Warranted maximum price contracts

We proudly keep working with Strata managers whom we have long standing relationships with even once the building is completed. This not only ensures that the development is maintained to the highest standards by the people who built it, but also ensures that repair and maintenance issues that may develop down the track are handled swiftly and promptly without inconvenience to the client and more importantly, the occupants.